A Few Published Posts

There are literally a thousand of them, so I'll keep this selection brief.


“It’s hard not to fall for the place. If you grew up playing scruffier, low-cost public courses, you’ll recognize those familiar charms at Canal Shores. But warm-and-fuzzies aren’t enough to save a golf course.”

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And I think it was in the New York Times, they had a little article about March Madness that was something like “Here are Cinderella teams if you’re filling out a bracket,” and Loyola was one of them. And the reason I picked Loyola out of those teams was, and this is really weird, but you’ve known me a long time: Bob Newhart.


It was really f******* cold! That was the first thing I noticed about it. Much colder than the Summer Olympics. You know, Rio was kind of weird, I guess. The culture was a little different. The town itself was kind of a shock, to see it. South Korea is like a different planet, culturally.


"It’s a big, bruising, sprawling layout of rolling Midwestern glacial till, designed and built with an eye unafraid to reach for the spectacular, to the point of flirting with bad taste."


"In fact, that’s a main theme of season 2: loneliness, despite having an entire city around you, with countless people to meet virtually at any time."

Master of None Returns With a Broader, Deeper Second Season


"Who would go to the trouble of saving ticket stubs for this long (one was from 2004!) only to dump them right in the middle of a park path?"

A Few Theories on These Old Movie Ticket Stubs I Found in an Orange County Park


“'Hmm, well, I guess it must help somehow, otherwise they wouldn’t have said to put a hat on,' thought the guys from boxes 6, 8, and 11, respectively. (Probably.) One of these winters, a southerner is going to don a Panama hat in a blizzard, and it’s going to be amazing."


 "Plenty of kids aren’t willing to participate, and the kids that are should be rewarded, even if they’re not successful on the field. Hell, especially if they’re not successful on the field; you think any kid who is terrible at sports isn’t aware of that fact? That they’d be brave enough to walk on the field and try in front of a crowd says something, and we should be applauding those kids."


"But so far, this is fine! Light-hearted look at what it means to raise cows, the kind treatment they receive, their happy lives. It’s a paradise. Let’s turn the page, and…Good heavens! They’re glossing over quite a bit here, aren’t they? Are kids just supposed to make that inference? At the presentation, did they cover this by asking if anyone in the audience had seen No Country for Old Men?"


...if I were to try, I’d say that what makes me feel the best is the certainty of the Cubs having won a World Series. They did it. It’s fact, and I witnessed it. I’m going to wake up tomorrow, and it’s going to be true. And it’s going to be true the next morning. And the morning after. I’ll run out of mornings before it stops being true, and after I do it’ll still be true for someone else.


That’s something tangible, that should eventually heal, and though it carries with it some major risks, it’s still an issue that you can fix, or try to fix. But if it’s not a back issue?
Well, that’s something else entirely, because you can’t fix a problem you can’t find. The unknown is where the monsters live.


He deftly manages the shot, leaving himself with a couple of feet for a formality birdie.

Except, this being Phil, no birdie putt is a formality. He catches the lip, and the ball circles the rim for a full 360 degrees before dropping.

Nick Faldo talks about his daughter’s adenoids.